The Brief

An understanding of your outline requirements (e.g. live music, pre-recorded music, announcements, associated entertainment) and an appreciation of your likely venue, timings and guest numbers.

Contact details for suppliers with which we will be collaborating (e.g. event team, venue, production/AV, catering).

Sight of a floor plan and/or venue photographs, particularly if there are access or space restrictions. It may also be necessary for us to make a site visit prior to booking.


Convenient access for our vehicles at the venue in order to allow us easily to unload, wheel and carry our equipment to the stage/performance area in a timely manner. Get-ins/get-outs that are challenging due to proximity for unloading, obstructions, steps, lifts or other restrictions are likely to increase our fee.

Convenient parking at no cost to us for our vehicles if we are unable to leave them parked at the unloading point.


A stage/performance area large enough for our standard 6 piece line-up (e.g. 6m wide x 3m deep is ideal, 16ft wide x 12ft deep or equivalent as a minimum). We can be flexible and will be pleased to discuss stage/space options with you, your venue or supplier.

We also recommend that there is enough space either side of the stage for our speaker stacks each of which add 600mm (23.62″) to the overall width of the stage.


Appropriate power for our audio and lighting systems (e.g. three dedicated RCD-protected 13A twin sockets for rear stage right, centre and left). Our normal system peak current draw does not exceed 16A.


Ideally but not essentially 2½ hours for us to set up and sound check at a point that is convenient for all. Our preference is to complete set up and soundcheck 30 minutes prior to any of your guests arriving.

If we are performing in a room that is turned around for evening entertainment, we require at least 75 minutes from the point of access in order to set-up and line check our own equipment.


A room/sheltered area where band members can relax, keep warm, eat and get changed in between the end of sound check and our performance, particularly if we are staying on site.

A healthy hot main course or suitably healthy food, to be agreed in advance, plus a couple of rounds of drinks for our team of seven (six band, one technician) at no cost.

Some water for the stage/performance area (e.g. 7 x 2 litre bottles of still water).

Confirmation Deposit

Typically, a deposit of 25% of our fee to confirm a booking.